Monday, March 3, 2014

Lusi Cave

Lusi Cave
Lusi Cave is 2 km from the west side of the free bridge in Vang Vieng. It took us 1 hour to slowly walk to the cave - the scenery on the way is absolutely gorgeous. Note that you'll be totally exposed to the sun a lot of the time, so it's probably best to avoid walking when it's hot especially during the hot season - it could be very hot. Bring water & wear sensible shoes! There are yellow signs on bamboo sticks all along the way. It's pretty flat all the way, so can rent a bicycle or motorcycle, although there's one very short sketchy-looking bamboo bridge you'll need to cross.
First, you start off by going on the wooden walkway between Banana Bungalows and Cliff View Bungalows.
Half way, you'll see a hill with a flag on top - Pha Poak Cave. You can pay 10,000 kip to climb up for an incredible view from up top. They sell drinks at the bottom.
The admission for Lusi Cave is 10,000 kip and it takes an hour to have a wander and walk back out. You get a flashlight each and a guide to take you inside this very large, cool, and completely dark cave. Pay another 20,000 kip if you want to go to a cold, knee-height lagoon inside which will take an additional 30 minutes to get to. First, you must climb up some very steep wooden ladders with large gaps.
Inside the cave, there's shimmery rock formations resembling the shape of various creatures. There are some pits with some slippery parts so wear sensible shoes and watch where you're going. The cave was much bigger than we imagined and we were the only tourists there. In fact, on the way there, we didn't see anyone except for a few people returning. It was a great half-day trip, taking a total of 3 hours.