Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chang Cave

We started from the west side of the paid bridge, crossed the bridge to the east, turned right and walked straight until we saw a sign for Vang Vieng Resort Restaurant/Jammee Guesthouse. This took less than 10 minutes.
We turned right into the unpaved road and walked straight for 5 minutes until we reached the entrance gate of Vang Vieng Resort. You need to pay 2000 kip to pass through. Keep the ticket to cross the bridge later.
Go along the path through the resort and you'll see an orange bridge in less than 5 minutes. Give your previous 2000-kip ticket to the booth attendant to cross the bridge. From the bridge, the view of the calm river and the cliffs are quite nice.
Once you crossed the bridge, walk towards the left. There are some vendors selling fruit and snacks. In about 5 minutes, you'll see a hut and some very steep steps. This is the entrance to the cave. It's 15,000 kip to enter.
The stairs may look quite steep but it only took us less than 5 minutes to go up.

The cave is lit, with paved walkways and handrails. There is a view point where you can get an aerail view of the river and rice paddies. It took us less than 30 minutes to walk through the cave.
Past the entrance of the cave, across 2 small orange bridges, there's a clear pool of water that you can swim in, with rocks on the bottom and many small fish. During the hot season, it's quite small.