Food here is good, both local and Western. Food is often well-plated and almost always delicious with fresh flavors that are exotic but not overly foreign-tasting. Unlike in Thailand, food's not usually spicy unless you add the spicy sauce that are sometimes served on the side. I read that Laotian food is supposed to be spicy, but I guess in touristy towns like Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng, they don't really make the food spicy. It feels healthy to eat Lao cuisine since it often includes lots of herbs and vegetables.

In touristy towns, prices can be more expensive than in Thailand, starting from 15,000 kip. Occasionally, you might be able to get something small for 7,000 kip or cheaper, especially at the market.

Sometimes, I buy stir-fried noodles with fresh mint wrapped in banana leaves in the morning market for 5000 kip. Regardless of type of noodles, the flavor is very nice - a bit sweet with a fresh taste of herbs. Not spicy, unless you ask the vendor to add a touch of chili powder. Grilled sticky rice on a skewer can be bought for 2000 each.
Nice Western food or Lao-Western fusion can be found in almost every touristy restaurant. You can have nice Western food for 30,000-160,000 kip. There are many romantic riverside restaurants and tastefully-decorated restaurants with outdoor seating. Dining here has been very pleasant. Grilled fish straight from Mekong River might be something worth trying.

a riverside restaurant in Luang Prabang

Grilled Mekong fish + Luang Prabang salad & sticky rice

Baguettes, croissants, and other pastries, as well as sweet and savory crêpes, are found everywhere from food carts to restaurants for 10,000-25,000 kip, sometimes even 7,000 kip. It's very easy to find a good breakfast of fried or scrambled eggs with toast, bacon/ham/sausage for 25,000-50,000 kip.

15,000 kip chicken & cheese pancake in Vang Vieng

15,000 kip bacon & cheese baguette in Vang Vieng

If you prefer Asian food, lots of shops include Thai food. I'm no expert on Lao food, but to me, it tastes like home-made Asian food - the flavor is generally not strong and slightly sweet. I don't know what they add to it (maybe MSG?), but the flavor is just great! Local food cost a bit less, usually from 15,000-50,000 kip.

Other than fried rice, noodles and noodle soup (often quite peppery), and a variety of stir-fried dishes, I quite like the fresh spring rolls of vermicelli with fresh veggies and herbs wrapped in rice paper. Even though it's just a big plate of vegetables, I love stir-fried morning glory that's on almost every menu. Steamed Mekong fish wrapped in banana leaf could be pretty nice. Laap (larp or lahb) is a local salad consisting of minced meat/tofu with lime, mint, and chili.

noodle soup

7000 kip fresh spring rolls in Vang Vieng

chicken laap

stir-fried morning glory
Sometimes mains are served with a side of white or reddish steam/sticky rice that's quite often served in a little bamboo container - you can order some on the side for 5000-10,000 kip.