Friday, March 14, 2014

Buddha Park

Built in 1958, Buddha Park, or Wat Xieng Khuan, is 25 km southeast of Vientiane by Mekong River, a 40-minute car ride with the last 10 minutes on a dusty dirt road. It's more like a sculpture park that's not very big but bizarrely interesting - we spent just under an hour there, which was more than enough time. It costs 5000 kip to get in, with an additional 3000 kip for each camera.
We read online that you can take bus 14 from the bus station for 6000 kip then transfer on a tuk tuk, but we didn't want the hassle — so we asked some tuk tuk drivers, who quoted 195,000 to 300,000 kip for a return trip while showing us their ridiculously expensive "official" laminated price list. No way.

We ended up hiring a new private air-conditioned sedan with a driver from our hotel for 165,000 kip. It's been a while since we rode in a nice vehicle — even though it was just a Kia, it felt utterly luxurious with its red and black leather interior.